Caymus Vineyards
Cabernet Sauvignon California

I feel this wine expresses the greatness of California and its hidden pockets where Cabernet can excel. The cold Pacific Ocean running the entire length of the state presents maritime influences – and with each small distance eastward the climate warms. Stony soils, south facing slopes and moderately warm conditions are the keys to producing dark, rich and good tasting Cabernet.

Owner / Winemaker
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Background: Introduced with the 2021 vintage, this wine stems from excitement over California’s diverse vineyard land, often in lesser-known areas, that can produce exceptional Cabernet.

Sourcing: We search for sites with climatic conditions, soils and topography ideally suited to Cabernet – places from Paso Robles to lesser-known areas in Lake, San Benito and Monterey Counties.

Style: With ripe fruit and luxurious tannins, this wine reveals the Caymus character, and is drinkable upon release or with age.